Toyota GR86 GReddy Bolt-on Turbo Kit ZN8 / ZD8 T620Z

This is a bolt-on turbo kit designed specifically for the GR86/BRZ. We’ve rigorously tested various turbochargers suitable for the FA24 engine and selected the optimal combination of compressor wheels, covers, and exhaust housings. 

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The turbo engages smoothly from a low rev range, providing swift acceleration up to around 6000 rpm.

With the improved lateral stiffness and torsional rigidity of the newer model (ZN6/ZC6) in mind, along with safety considerations, we have managed to minimise the body modifications typically necessary for retrofit turbo kits. This kit can be fitted directly onto the stock body. Installation time is also down by approximately 1.5 hours compared to our previous turbo kits.

With the original engine, the maximum output increases by an additional 50PS (approximately 290PS) at a set supercharge pressure of 39.2 to 44.1kpa (0.45kg/cm2), and the peak torque of 39kg·m is achieved at 3800rpm. (Based on our internal testing). In terms of the driving experience, you'll notice the distinctive acceleration of a turbocharger from around 2800 rpm, enhancing performance not just for city driving but also on twisty roads and racing circuits.

We've redesigned the shape of the air-to-air intercooler core to mitigate power loss and overheating during the summer months due to increased intake temperatures. This improvement broadens the scope of settings, allowing for greater flexibility with future power increases.

By updating the ECU data with the separately sold GReddy performance ECU, the GR86 experiences smooth acceleration akin to having a factory-fitted turbo. Furthermore, by meticulously developing the map data, we ensure that fuel efficiency doesn't suffer significantly despite the increase in power.
※Please note, fuel economy may vary greatly depending on driving conditions and driving style.

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