370z Z34 GReddy Trust Japan Twin Turbo kit - RHD

370z Z34 GReddy Trust Japan Twin Turbo kit - RHD cars only

3-4 weeks build time, 1 week delivery.

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In the kit:

- T517Z 8cm² Twin turbo with machined actuator P380
- TYPE16 Intercooler twin casting side tank
- casting outlet exhaust manifold
- intercooler Aluminium piping 50φ-60φ-70φ
- AIRINX S60 air filters
- restrictor plate for standard engines

The following are required to fit the kit:

- EcuTek license and mapping
- 550cc Injectors
- 340lph fuel pump


- Labour time 20h ~ 28h
- Can be fitted with the engine in situ, but we recommend to remove to engine while fitting the kit
- Does not fit LHD cars from factory, special parts are required, please contact TORQEN for details.

Dyno data:

- Standard: 272.8PS/6250rpm power and 36.0 kg-m/3630rpm torque
- Turbo Kit installed: 435.1PS/6500rpm power and 56.0 kg-m/4000rpm torque
- Test vehicle specs: 2009 Nismo 370z, standard engine, GT-R R35 550cc injectors, AEM fuel pump, Nismo OEM exhaust, R35 GT-R MAP sensor

Standard engine: 0.6K ~ 0.4K 3000rpm / 0.56K with restrictor plate included with the kit
Forged engine: 0.8K - 500ps

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