370z Swift Sport Springs Spec-R

Swift SPEC-R Sport Springs offer a more aggressive spring rate over the Sport Mach line.

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Part # 4N905R

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Swift Springs was founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1997 and quickly made a name for itself in motorsports around the world. Swift Springs can be found in championship teams in JGTC, D1 Grand Prix, Super Taikyu Endurance, Le Mans 24hrs., and Formula Toyota.

Swift Sport Mach Springs are manufactured with a unique spring compound H5S.TW. This super-strong material requires a double shot peening process to keep the spring's shape. The result is a high tensile strength spring requiring fewer coils than other brands, reducing overall weight. Springs are preset to reduce sag experienced after installation and given a 2-stage melamine coating providing an attractive layer of protection before final shipping to the U.S.

Relied upon by D1 champion and JGTC driver Nobuteru Taniguchi, as well as Isami Amemiya, Owner of the renowned tuning company REAmemiya, Sprint springs offer both the professional racer and weekend enthusiast the greatest level of control on the track.

Front: 5.2-7.5 kg/mm, 1.25in Drop
Rear: 5.0-8.2 kg/mm, 1.00in Drop

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