370z CJM S1 Fuel System

The CJM S1 fuel system for the Nissan 370z is the result of over 3 years of testing the factory VHR fuel rails at horsepower levels exceeding 600hp.

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Immediately after the release of the vehicle, CJ Motorsports developed the first line of 370z fuel system upgrades, including return conversions, fuel rails, fuel pump kits, and plumbing systems, giving us the edge of more experience, more mileage, and more installs with the platform than anyone in the industry.

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While it may be our entry level 370z fuel system, this product is a known performer. It is a refined version of a system we tested for over 40,000 miles and 3 years on our daily driven 2009 370z (exceeding 600hp with E85 fuel), and with dozens installed in its first year of release, it has quickly become our best-selling 370z product.

The S1 system is based on the stock fuel rails. The feed hose between the chassis pipe and the fuel rail inlet is upgraded to improve flow into the rails. The new feed line attaches to our billet CJM Multi-Fitting to supply the rail inlet tube. Leaving the Multi-Fitting is a fuel pressure relief hose which leads to an adjustable fuel pressure regulator mounting on the side of the battery compartment. Exiting the bottom of the regulator is a -6 return line all the way back to the tank, supplying the return fuel to the CJM Return Correction kit. This Return Correction is a vital hardware kit used to convert the fuel pump module to return fuel while maintaining proper function of the integrated venturi pumps.

Installed with adequate fuel injectors and an upgraded fuel pump, this system can fuel over 600hp to the wheels on a stock 11:1 compression turbocharged VHR.

This fuel system is tested and proven compatible with turbo systems from: AAM, Boosted Performance, Fast Intentions, Greddy, GTM, and VSR.

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