Tein EDFC Active Controller Kit

The newest marvel from Tein isn't a coilover system but rather an accessory to their existing coilovers. It is a G-Force and Speed sensing EDFC that sets the dampening force according to these two forces; Tein calls it the EDFC Active.

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Part # EDK04-P8021

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The Brand New EDFC Active still allows the driver to adjust the dampening force from within their own cockpit, but now one is also able to configure the unit and correlate dampening force with G-forces!

The EDFC active has built in G-sensors that allow automatic adjustments to the dampening force while cruising on the highway or in a spirited outdoor race. It has 2 aggressive automatic adjustment modes; The ?G-Force actuated adjustment mode? and the ?Speed-sensitive automatic adjustment mode? (The latter mode would require their optional gps kit). Both of these modes can then be further adjusted in a 16-level, 32-level, or even 64-level way. So there is lots of personalization allowed in the system.

A Motor Kit and Strut Kit  are needed to to physically move the dampening settings on the Tein Coilovers. (Sold Seperately)

** In order to use the Speed-Sensing automatic adjustment mode? the optional GPS Kit is needed and sold seperately.

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