350z P2M Rear Camber Arms, Curved

P2M rear camber arms for Nissan 350Z. Constructed from S45C high strength steel alloy for safety, the arms allow user for camber adjustment on the rear wheels. 

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Part # P2-RCAZ33-HC

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P2M suspension links uses 3pc teflon lined pillow ball bearing and comes with dust boot to keep the dust and grimes away for trouble free reliability. Arms comes with thick powder coated blue finish for rust prevention. This rear camber arm set comes standard with P2M lock out washer kit for additional safety.

By Rob O on 29/11/2018
Text: I fitted these about 2 years ago, they're still going strong.
I'd recommend just applying a bit of anti-corrosion (AF-50 for example) as where they are is very exposed to the elements.
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