350z Z33 HR 370z Z34 Jim Wolf Technology flywheel and clutch kit - 14lb light flywheel and 1200kg clutch

This is the best clutch/flywheel combo available for the 350Z HR 07-08. With 1200KG clamping force, the need for a harsh, non-organic friction material is eliminated. This clutch makes a solid connection even with the JWT nitrous spool-up kit to 570+HP.

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JWT has supplied lightweight performance flywheel alternatives to the original 350Z dual-mass flywheel for over 10 years. However, some people still prefer the more forgiving driving style a heavier flywheel allows, but haven't warmed to the expense and failure rate associated with dual-mass flywheels.

The Stainless Steel Clutch Line is a must have upgrade for the 350Z with an upgraded clutch. This will eliminate the mushy pedal feel, that all 350Zs have after installing high clamping force clutches. The kit works wonders with Dual Disc clutches as well. By eliminating all soft points in your hydraulic system, it adds to pedal response, feel and gives you a little more adjustability in the pedal height!

Pilot Bushing - Recommended 

We highly recommend changing the CSC (Concentric Slave Cylinder) to a heavy duty TORQEN or JWT version, the OEM has a very high rate of failure and requires dropping the gearbox to fit it. While the gearbox is already opened, it makes sense to do it while changing the clutch if budget allows. 

Base Package Includes:

- JTW Clutch: Pressure Plate & Disc
- JWT Flywheel: Aluminum - faster acceleration, lighter


-More chatter than the Nodular JWT kit (L3503-NCFSD)

-Lightened flywheel, saves weight and faster acceleration

-Recommended for track, fast road and drift setups 

-Up to 650bhp

NOTE: Flywheel bolts should be changed every time the flywheel is removed/replaced. Part number: 12315-8J100 (x8) -  All other ancillaries are listed as options above. 

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