350z DE TORQEN HELMZ resonated test pipes

350z DE TORQEN HELMZ resonated test pipes made from stainless steel. 

The result in using Helmholtz resonated chambers is a quieter, deep and smooth V8 like sound for the VQDE and VQHR engines, while getting rid of raspiness and droning. The TORQEN HELMZ test pipes come with 24 months warranty for the initial customer and that covers and fitment issues, welding defects or deep rust. 



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By Louis on 09/02/2021
Text: These pipes are amazing eliminates all the drone and gives a nice exhaust note. Be aware if you're going to fit these yourself that you will need to cut the heatshield stud flush with the nut on the passenger side otherwise it will touch the resonated part and vibrate. I did this with a dremel took about 5 mins.
By Julien on 28/11/2020
Text: It works!
No more drone
Pure sound of exhaust, used with thru dual 2.5 cat back.
Go for it if u want a decent daily drive. A great alternative to motordyne or equals.
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