350z DE TORQEN Silicone Master Hose Kit RHD v2

TORQEN 350z DE moulded silicone hoses are a direct replacement for stock OEM hoses. They are formed using Nissan OEM parts to ensure proper fitment. The durability of silicone has been proven, cost less and will outlast factory rubber. The full set of Nissan OEM hoses cost in excess of £1100, with some being discontinued already.

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21 piece RHD master kit includes:

14055-AC700 - Front cross over coolant hose
21503-CD000 - Lower radiator coolant hose
21501-AL500 - Upper radiator coolant hose
14055-AL505 - Coolant bypass hoses rear RH
92402-AL500 - Heater core hose #2
92410-AL500 - Heater core outlet hose
92401-AL500 - Heater core front hose
21306-AM606 - Oil filter coolant hose lower RH
21306-AM600 - Oil filter coolant hose upper RH
21306-AQ811 - Oil filter coolant hose thermostat to oil cooler LH
47474-CD405 - Brake booster hose - ONE WAY VALVE INSIDE THE HOSE
11823-AL50A - PCV front crossover hose
11823-AL511 - PCV hose
11823-CD000 - PCV passenger side hose
49717-AM600 - Power steering suction hose
49725-AM915 - Power steering return hose
49725-CE310 - Power steering cooler return hose
49725-CE311 - Power steering cooler return hose
49790-CE320 - Power steering tank hose
14056-AL515 - Water / cooling hose rear
14056-AM600 - Rear Coolant Hose, Balance Tube to Throttle Body


- 4 Ply Quality Silicone
- Temperature Range -50°C to 260°C
- Formed Using Nissan OEM Hoses
- Outlasts Factory Rubber
- Available in 6 colours: blue, red, yellow, purple, black and burnt orange

*** NOTE ***

Not to be used with Nissan OEM green coolant as it will stain the hoses. Please use pink coolant.

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