350z 370z TORQEN x Patrick Galligan Handbrake - Limited Edition

350z 370z TORQEN x Patrick Galligan Handbrake - Limited Edition

Unveiling the 350z and 370z TORQEN x Patrick Galligan Limited Edition Handbrake - an exceptional blend of style, strength and craftsmanship. Limited to a razor-sharp 50 pieces globally, 25 specifically crafted for the Nissan 350z and 25 for the Nissan 370z, each piece is a tribute to meticulous engineering and inspired design.

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Part # TRQ-PG-HB

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This upgrade takes luxury to another level. Beginning with an exquisite burnt and polished titanium handle it radiates a unique colour spectrum that sets it apart from any standard component. Wrapping this is a carbon fibre sleeve ensuring a robust grip without adding any excess weight.

The detailing is exquisite. The handbrake features a burnt titanium release button, which matches the handle and elevates the overall aesthetics. This is complemented by the Alcantara leather boot, synonymous with high-end sports cars and known for its superior durability and comfort. The handbrake boot is beautifully stitched in a classic black thread, subtly contributing to the handbrake's overall sporty and premium look.

What makes this handbrake truly exceptional is its exclusivity. A collaboration between TORQEN, know for their expertise in Japanese car parts, and Patrick Galligan, renowned for his meticulous attention to detail, it has been curated only for the elite. The unique blend of materials and design, echoing the spirit and ethos of both brands, will never be replicated once the 50 pieces are sold.

The TORQEN x Patrick Galligan Limited Edition Handbrake is a masterstroke that perfectly combines functionality with unparalleled style, making it a genuinely rare piece of automotive art. Further enhancing its exclusivity, each TORQEN x Patrick Galligan Limited Edition Handbrake will carry a unique number. This number serves as a symbol of its position within the limited set of 50 pieces, celebrating its individuality in this tightly curated collection. 

This will be exclusively available worldwide only at TORQEN. Renowned for their unrivalled know-how and proficiency in the Japanese automotive industry, TORQEN is delighted to be the sole global distributor of this exceptional, limited-edition item. 

For the owner, this means not only possessing an exclusive automotive accessory but also becoming part of a select group of enthusiasts who appreciate the intricate craftsmanship and unique design that defines this product. 

This is truly an opportunity not to be missed for anyone seeking a personal touch of distinction for their Nissan 350z or 370z, while owning a piece of automotive industry.

By Wojciech N on 04/01/2024
Text: Beautiful Masterpiece of work. Pictures do not do justice for this item. can not wait to install in my Z.
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