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Toyota GT86 APEXi Aluminum Air Intake D-Plus Elbow

Aluminum Air Intake D-Plus Elbow by APEXi. Increasing the amount of fresh air to your OEM air box with the APEXi Intake D Plus. This Apexi product is just the option for you in case you want to get the most out of your auto. It is made from first-rate materials to provide the highest level of quality. 

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Part # 518-T001

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- Ideal for the daily driver car of an enthusiast
- Made from high-quality materials
- Ensures unrivaled durability
- Provides reliable service for years ahead
- Increase Air Flow
- Provides high quality service

The aluminum pipe provides air flow from the front bumper directly into the OEM air box to increase performance and add a stylish look to the engine bay.

When it comes to impeccable design, unsurpassed quality, and great value, Apexi leaves all the rivals far behind. This high-grade Apexi product is a great one to try if you want to enjoy enhanced performance of your auto. Designed with exquisite craftsmanship and manufactured from reliable materials, it complies with stringent standards and ensures many years of trouble-free service. Painstakingly built to perfection, this top-notch product will meet all your highest expectations and even more.

Started as a small tuning parts manufacturer in 1992, Apexi grew to become a trusted company which specializes in manufacturing aftermarket automotive performance parts. With more than twenty years of racing heritage under the belt, Apexi gained rich experience in the production of track-tested performance parts which ensure excellent quality and value. Today the company offers a tremendous array of top-grade exhaust systems, intercoolers, engine control units like the Apexi RSM (Rev Speed Meter-GP) and Apexi Power FC, etc.

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