370z Defi DIN-Gauge 3 Gauge Cluster View larger

370z Defi DIN-Gauge 3 Gauge Cluster

If you are looking for a simple to install, extremely accurate, and reliable gauge solution, look no further. Comprised of two temperature gauges and a single pressure gauge, all driven by Defi's ultra accurate stepping motor the DIN Gauge cluster is an excellent solution to the common, "where can I fit three gauge" problem.

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The two temperature gauges can be used to monitor coolant (water) temps and oil temps. The pressure gauge is able to display either fuel pressure or oil pressure. DIN is a width and height sizing standard for automotive audio components which audio hardware are designed in. Most OEM radios are double-DIN, so when you change to an aftermarket stereo you free up a DIN slot, which is perfect for Defi's DIN Gauge cluster.

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