370z Tanabe Stabilizer Sway Bar Front & RearView larger

370z Tanabe Stabilizer Sway Bar Front & Rear

Completing our line of suspension tuning and reinforcement products are our chassis reinforcement products. When the power output of a vehicle is upgraded, and the handling potential of the vehicle is increased with upgraded springs, dampeners and/or adjustable coilovers, additional stress are placed on the vehicle.

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Part # TSB150R+TSB150F

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Because the vehicle was not built to see such loads on the car, the chassis will have a tendency to slightly flex more than normal, which can cause slight instabilities and deficiencies in handling. To improve chassis rigidity, front and rear tower bars are available to reduce flexing of the shocks towers. For the undercarriage, we reinforce the chassis using oval shaft underbraces. Chromemoly swaybars are also available for many vehicles to finalize the upgrades to a vehicles chassis, and to improve cornering speed and stability.

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