370Z Koni Sport Rear Shock - 2 per packView larger

370z Koni Sport Rear Shock - 2 Per Pack

KONI Sport Shocks focus on exceptional handling & road holding combined with an acceptable level of comfort & ride quality. Improvements include more responsive steering, reduced body-roll, and limited body movements. 

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Part # 8241-1283

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External adjustment makes fine tuning even more easy, literally at the turn of a knob, a technique borrowed from Formula-1 racing where KONI dampers have dominated the field for years. One can switch back and forth, in most cases in a matter of seconds, from a comfortable "touring" setting, to firmer settings for performance driving, preferences, or specific driving conditions. These are the KONI shocks of choice for lowering springs, and for racers are rebuildable and re-valvable for custom setups. Lifetime warranty from KONI.

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