370z Nismo Strut Brace and Chassis Reinforcement KitView larger

370z Nismo Strut Brace and Chassis Reinforcement Kit

3 Piece Kit.


Sports suspension, to achieve the full driving performance when installed in three locations.

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Part # E4420-1EA00

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Effectively reduce twisting of the body, mind and times of intrusion at corner, S shaped corner bounced improved response time, also trying to improve the stability of the corners faster.

Sport suspension, the body brace which makes travelling efficiency of the high grip tire installation time full show installation to 3 places. You hold down the twist of the body effectively, looking back characteristic at the time of corner invasion and improvement of the response at the time of the S letter corner counterattacking, furthermore assure also the improvement of stability of the high-speed corner.

#1 Luggage: For under floor and by the fact that you install with set, it raises the body rigidity around the rear to a greater extent. (Rear arrangement before the foil house and under.)

#2 Under floor: By the fact that the reinforcement bar of M letter which is installed in the under floor usually and the bar of V letter which is installed near the rear suspension are connected to left and right, it improves the stability of the rear in the corner ring. (Arrangement to rear stabilizer front) *The [Nismo]/NISSAN genuine option muffler, it is compatible with S-TUNE suspension. The imitation item other than [Nismo] there is a possibility of not being compatible.

#3 Front: By the fact that the left and right point of the side member is connected to cross direction, it improves the response and the linear impression at the time of steering wheel operation. (Arrangement to front)

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