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370z South Bend SS Clutch

This Southbend clutch kit utilizes the SS pressure plate, which offers stronger clamping force over stock and the HD pressure plate, with about a 10-15% increase in pedal pressure. It can be paired to your choice from several different discs, to offer different torque capacities and pedal feels specific to your needs!

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Part # NSK1000B-SS-KT

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Organic SS-O

NSK1000B-SS-O: Slightly heavier pedal and like-stock clutch engagement, this is the most popular clutch for the non-turbo for those who want something that can handle a bit more abuse than stock while still being smooth and comfortable for a daily driver (Stage 3 Daily, 475 lb-ft).

Kevlar SS-TZ

NSK1000B-SS-TZ: The unique TZ Kevlar Disc offers impressive torque capacity while still offering buttery smooth engagement and quiet operation, making it one of our favorite discs, especially for high horsepower cars that are still driven on the street (Stage 3 Endurance, 500 lb-ft).

Organic-Feramic SS-OFE

NSK1000B-SS-OFE: The Organic-Feramic Disc has more aggressive engagement than the O or TZ discs, but will hold up better to abuse, so it's a great choice for a car regularly driven aggressively (Stage 2 Endurance, 540 lb-ft).

6-Puck DXD

NSK1000B-SS-DXD: For those looking to drag race or track their cars full-time, the 6-puck DXD clutch is going to be the most durable and aggressive choice. The DXD disc is going to have the "grabbiest" engagement, and holds up great under extreme conditions (Stage 3 Drag, 575 lb-ft).

4-Puck SS-X

NSK1000B-SS-X: The 4-puck X disc is the most extreme and aggressive clutch available from Southbend. This is only recommended for those really looking to abuse their drivetrain! (Stage 4 Extreme, 800+ lb-ft).

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