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370z CJM Road Race Pump

CJ Motorsports has constructed a fuel pump solution to resolve right-hand-turn fuel starvation issues that the 370z has become notorious for. Plagued with starvation, the 370z suffers momentary and complete engine power loss on right-hand turns even when the fuel tank is nearly full.

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Part # CJM370zRRP

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With 3 years of proven results, our RRP has withstood customer testing and shown to have entirely eliminated starvation, allowing aggressive track use of the 370z down to an empty tank.

In standard configuration, this product is setup with a single Walbro 255 to supply fuel to the engine. It is highly configurable and may be reconfigured in several different ways to accommodate individual needs. It features 2 internal fuel pump slots, with a maximum output configuration of 740lph using multiple pumps. Please contact us directly regarding custom configuration for vehicles that need greater than 255lph.

Download Installation Manual: Click Here

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