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370z Blitz Full Auto Light Throttle Controller

Blitz Electronic Throttle Controller for drive-by-wire vehicles. This is the new "Light" model which does not use a LCD screen, but rather a simple knob to control the throttle.

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Part # 14752

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  • Automatic calibration function learns the factory sensor signal for reliable control.
  • Auto mode automatically controls the throttle opening according to the driving condition and selected mode for smooth driving.
  • Fully micro computer /TTL controlled. Reduces the risk of causing damage to the ECU error from over multiplication of the signal.
  • Total of 10 modes are carried over from the previous model, such as reverse cancel harness and "Black to normal" function. This time, the user can select the desired initial mode when the ignition switch is turned ON.
  • Simple plug-in installation as previous model. Some applications share the same connector/wires.
  • If set to "constantly ON", the throttle controller activates automatically every time the ignition switch is turned ON.

Modes are selected by rotating the rotary switch in the main unit.


Starts from a low multiplication level, and the multiplication ratio rises over time automatically. Even if the accelerator is kept still, the car keeps on accelerating. This eliminates rapid and violent acceleration when starting the car or in reverse.


Starts from a high multiplication level, and multiplication ratio lowers over time automatically. This reduces the excessive throttle valve action when the car is already moving at speed. This helps the fuel economy. This mode is suitable for the vehicles with a relatively large engine and good power.

SPORT MODE (Dial 5, 6, 7):

Highest of all modes, 3 modes are available. This is the most aggressive mode, aimed at throttle response. Linear acceleration is achieved.

MILD MODE (Dial 2, 3, 4):

Hight than the factory setting, but retaining smooth, seamless acceleration. This mode is suitable for everyday driving. 3 modes area available to choose from.

ECO MODE (Dial 0, 1):

Lower than the factory setting, mainly aimed at fuel economy. 2 modes are available to choose from.

NOTE: Regarding the "Always ON" on throttle controller light, the customer can set always on, but she/he needs to install "Optional Reverse Cancel harness" on throttle controller in order to set up. Turn the key to "IGN ON" before engine start, then press the power button more than 5 seconds until a beep comes from the controller. After that, the throttle controller will be always on.

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