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350z Tanabe Sustec Pro Z40 Coilover

Sustec Z40 Coilover is a brand new Coilover system made by Tanabe for you 2003-2008 Nissan 350Z (Z33 - Fairlady Z). Sustec Z40 uses advanced dampers made by KYB and offers fully adjustable ride height, 40-way dampening adjustment, and a twin tube design. Made and tested on every vehicle application to meet the maximum performance and direct fit.

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Part # TSE4063

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Using these Tanabe coilovers will allow you to lower your 2003-2008 Nissan 350Z Z33 giving you better handling characteristics and looks with options to higher or lower your Nissan 350Z without sacrificing ride quality with 40 different dampener adjustments. Get that VIP look with these Tanabe Coilovers.

Tanabe SUSTEC PRO Z40 for the 2003-2008 Nissan 350Z/Fairlady Z uses the same high quality PRO210 Springs found on the SUSTEC PRO FIVE Coilover System. These are the same springs that were used in the Takata Dome Racing Honda NSX in the JGTC GT500 Class in Japan.

Tanabe Sustec Pro Z40 Features:

Fully Adjustable - A fully threaded damper lets you adjust the ride height independently without chaning the stroke of the damper or preload of the spring. This means you can adjust the height of you car without sacrificing comfort.

40-Way Dampening Adjustment - Newly engineered KYB dampers allow for 40-way adjustment. Precisely tune your suspension with each turn for improved handling and feel.

Twin Tube Construction - Twin tube damper allow for better length compared to monotube systems. This combined with low pressure gas system allows for more control over rough surfaces and comfortable compression.

Durable Finish - Nickel plating and black powder coating allows for a durable, long lasting finish that will resist the elements more so than other dampers

Tapered Locking Nut - With many coilovers on the market, the lock nut is one of the weak point in the design. With vibration, the lock nut can come loose which allows the spring seat to move also. The Z40's specially tapered locknut prevents it from becoming loose from vibrations or harsh driving.

Noise Elimination - Special resin sheets prevents noises created by the spring shift during compression. Large metallic bearings prevent wear and provides quieter and comfortable ride.

Rigorous Application Testing - Sustec Pro Z40 is carefully designed and tested in every vehicle application. Z40 coilovers are tested to the max by putting them through real world stress, maximum load capacities and the full range of dampening settings and spring rates to give you the best combination of ride quality, durability and the performance you would expect from Tanabe Suspension Systems.

Front Lowering Rates (inches): 0 ~ -1 3/4
Rear Lowering Rates (inches): -1/2 ~ -2
Spring Rate (Front/Rear) kg/mm: 10.0/ 8.0

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