350z Powertrix SS Sport Street Coilover SetView larger

350z Powertrix SS Sport Street Coilover Set

The POWERTRIX (SS) Sport Street Coilover System is the most complete and fully featured street Coilover kit on the market. Unlike all other entry level units on the market which required the use of the stock shock upper mounts and bushings, the (SS) Sport Street Coilover System is now complete with upper mounting hardware and is now a true complete bolt in system.

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With our new SS Coilovers, the tedious process of disassembling the stock shock upper mounts and bushings just to find out that you may need to buy new hardware is now non-existent with the installation. These new SS upper mounts are fitted with a synthetic butyl bushing in place of a pillow ball. This bushing combines just enough density to transfer suspension energy properly yet not overly stiff to help with dampening the stiff ride quality that is inherent with conventional race Coilovers and solid pillow ball mounts.

Also unlike most entry level coilovers, that adjust ride height through spring preload, the POWERTRIX SS adds an extra dimension of adjustment with independent ride height adjustability through the threaded bottom mounting brackets. With this set up it properly separates spring preload and ride height, a feature only found on upper line coilovers.

Geared for the aggressive everyday street driver with the occasional autocross and road course event, 15 way adjustable strut dampening is valved a notch softer that our full (RT) Road/Track and (UL) Ultra-Lite Road/Track Coilovers. This kit is a formidable track performer as it is the best of both worlds: Daily Driver/Weekend Warrior

All coilover kits are rebuild-able so it will be the last strut and spring combination you will ever need. Fine tuning of the suspension is also possible for any and every type of driving style, or motorsports events as custom spring rates are available from 3kg/mm (168 lbs/in) ? 17kg/mm (952 lbs/in) Note: + or ? 2k on spring rate changes will require re-valving.

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