350z Bilstein B12 Pro Kit Front and Rear Suspension KitView larger

350z Bilstein B12 Pro Kit Front and Rear Suspension Kit

The shock absorber experts from Bilstein have teamed up with the spring experts at Eibach, resulting in the best the two industry leaders have to offer: a monotube gas pressure suspension system that provides incredible driving pleasure and performance along with superior ride comfort.

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Part # 46-190529

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The B12 Pro-Kit system for the Nissan 350Z will retain most of the factory comfort while lowering your car and increasing handling capabilities! The B12 kits are road-tested and fine-tuned to perfectly complement each other; don't risk getting a spring / shock combo that are improperly matched! Earning the number-one name in suspension doesn't come easy. Bilstein proves their worth and earns their rep the hard way on racetracks and desert circuits around the world. Applying what they learn at the track to the street, Bilstein designs their shocks to transform your vehicle into a fine-tuned performance machine. Bilstein shocks boast a mono-tube design that instantaneously adjusts to the road surface. And unlike conventional multi-tube shocks, mono-tube performance never suffers from age, use or heat, and they never require manual adjustments. Just bolt on and go. Best yet, Bilstein backs your Heavy Duty Shocks with a limited Lifetime Warranty. Eibach produces some of the highest quality springs in the world. They can be found everywhere from high performance street cars to full race F1 cars. Eibach springs are built from the ground up - starting with full research and development for every application to determine the best balance between performance and ride quality. Eibach springs are on average 2.75 pounds lighter than the competition. This reduction of unsprung mass is equivalent to removing 50 pounds from your car!


Front Lowered Height: 1.2"(30mm)
Rear Lowered Height: 1.2"(30mm)

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