350z BC DS Series 12/10kg.mm True Rear Coilovers

BC DR Series Coilovers (type DS) - DS-D-107 *Rubber Top Mounts*
12/10kg spring set

It is more than capable of dealing with fast road and track work but also retains a high degree ride civility so the car can still be used for mundane duties and long journeys without the ride becoming tiring.

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Part # D-107-DS-DS 12-10

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BC Racing understands that every car enthusiast has their own vision and passion for automobiles and from that passion they wish to express their own uniqueness through their personal vehicle. For many people, having suspension is far more important than a body kit or paint job, its a means to improving the driving experience. Many times suspension companies develop new products that do just that - improve the driving experience - but they limit the production of those handling goodies to a few select vehicles and make the price unattainable to the average enthusiast. Well BC Racing took a hard look at the suspension market and set out to break that evil tradition with the BC Racing DS Series Coilovers.

The DS Series Coilovers use a proprietary digressive piston design that offers the driver increased damping force at low speed piston velocities, which is what the driver actually feels when attacking their favorite track or twisty mountain road. For many decades in the racing industry its been the standard for drivers and engineers to examine low speed piston velocities (0mm/s to 50mm/s) and interrupt those figures as driver feel (they are also analogous to movement of the sprung mass of a vehicle, i.e., the body). Low speed piston velocities refer to the speed at which the damper piston is compressing and rebounding from 0mm/s to 50mm/s on a Force vs. Velocity Curve (more commonly known as a shock dyno graph).

To evoke the passion for driving that all automotive enthusiast have embedded in their DNA, BC Racing took the best features from our BR Series Coilover, engineered components to improve driver experience, conducted in-house testing, approved the product, determined a reasonable, affordable price, and proudly present our BC Racing DS Series Coilover for 350+ vehicles, from the Toyota Camry to the Nissan GT-R and beyond, BC Racing has a DS Series Coilover system for you.

The DS Series is available for a vast number of vehicles and with that we offer an equal number of customization options as well. The BC Racing DS Series Coilover can be customized for every type of racing imaginable, from the weekend track warrior to the full time race car, we can help you design a system that is right for driving style, track, tire life goals, and alignment adjustment needs. This means BC Racing can customize the DS Series Coilover with spring rates, spring lengths, shock body and piston shaft lengths, as well as alignment tools such as camber and caster adjustable top mounts. All at a reasonable price that leaves you with funds for other performance parts to enhance your driving experience.

BC Racing Coilovers: breaking barriers, breaking evil traditions, not breaking the bank.

Key Features include:

    Mono-tube Shock Design
    Digressive Piston and Damping Curve
    Satin Chrome Finished Shock Body
    30 levels of Damping Force Adjustment (Compression/Rebound) Simultaneously
    Pillowball Mounts
    Height Adjustable via Shock Body Maintains Damper Stroke At All Ride Heights
    One Year Warranty
    True Style Rear Coilover
    Fully Rebuildable With All Parts Available

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