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350z Z33 370z Z34 Nissan 4.36 Final Drive Gears - MT only

For those of you looking for increased performance off the line we now offer this Nissan OEM 4.36:1 final drive ring and pinion gear set. These gears will fit 03-08 model 350Z differentials, manual transmission model cars only, and will increase acceleration over stock. This of course comes at a trade off of higher cruise speed RPM and decreased fuel mileage.

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Part # 38100-0C860

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We offer an installation kit that contains all new Nissan OEM bearings and seals, we highly recommend the purchase and use of this install kit. Please note that installing a ring and pinion requires precision setting of the bearing pre-load and clearances and may require install shims to complete the job, these shims are available from your local Nissan dealer in different thicknesses, due to the wide range of shims and the potential variances between different cars we do not include nor offer these shims. Differential Seal and Bearing Kit.

It is highly recommended that an experienced mechanic install this ring and pinion gear set as excessive noise or even catastrophic failure can result from improper installation.

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