350z HR Z Speed Performance ZSP Heavy Duty CSC Concentric Slave CylinderView larger

350z HR Z Speed Performance ZSP Heavy Duty CSC Concentric Slave Cylinder

After many months of testing and design we at Zspeed Performance have came up with an affordable aftermarket slave cylinder design for the HR and VHR cars.

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Part # ZSP2006

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We have now logged over 20,000 miles in multiple cars with 0 CSC failure even with heavy aftermarket clutches. The design work/product has been done for months but we felt it was something that needed to be tested in cars for many miles before just selling them to you guys, We wanted to make sure these are going to hold up for the long run. With our extensive testing we are now satisfied with the results and have decided to release them to the public.

Instead of modifying the Stock OEM plastic concentric slave cylinder that have known issues we decided to use a much better designed, heavier duty slave cylinder in our new kits.

The kits come complete with everything you need to install, No other parts are needed other than a couple jars of FRESH SEALED CONTAINERS of Dot 3/4 brake fluid.

We have redesigned the slave so it is now a Direct Bolt-On piece, Grinding down the tabs on the front cover is no longer needed

The ZSpeed heavy duty slave cylinder kit features all metal/aluminum construction, Floating internal seal (better than stationary that is used in the OEM Slave) All stainless fluid hoses that delete the stock rubber hose by your exhaust.

Since we know these kits are made to the correct specs we are able to do this. Warranty only covers failure within the slave cylinder for defects, This will not cover slaves that were installed incorrectly, Lines that were not flushed out before install ect. Returned slaves will be inspected for debris and dirty fluid upon return. It is imperative that the install instructions are followed and lines flushed of old contaminated fluid to insure long slave life. Any failed slave cylinders will be replaced with new slaves one time only within the warranty period. No labor or any other fees will be refunded.

We have 2 different kits available to work with whichever clutch kit you may have, Stock, Aftermarket, flat finger or rounded finger designs. The ZSpeed slave kit will work with any aftermarket clutch with the exception of RPS/SZ kits, We have not been able to check this kits height as it uses an out dated 300zx pressure plate.

When replacing the concentric slave cylinder, we highly recommend replacing the master cylinder at the same time. If the Master is not replaced at the same time the CSC is replace, Warranty is VOID. Contaminants in the fluid often cause the masters to fail at or near the same time, and opening and re-bleeding the system tends to facilitate failure.

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