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350z DE Kinetix Racing High Flow Cats

New and Improved with more installation clearance and long term strength. The factory catalytic converters are well known as the biggest "choke point" in the factory exhaust system. These high flow CARSOUND/MAGNAFLOW catalytic converters blow away the stock converter flow rates.

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Part # KX-HFC-DE-Z33

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Constructed with stainless tubing and 3/8" stainless flanges (converters are aluminized steel). Fully TIG welded and true mandrel bends used throughout. The CARSOUND converters are widely known as some of the best and are also marketed under the MAGNAFLOW brand name. These converters will bolt up to any header (factory or aftermarket) and any exhaust (factory or aftermarket). 

Expect great performance gains from these converters as they have dyno'd between 5-8 hp at the wheels on factory 350Z's. They only add a slightly more aggressive exhaust note and do not have the pesky "raspiness" between 3-4k rpm that is seen with straight through test pipes.

All of our pipes come complete with bolts, washers, and lock nuts.

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