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350z DE TORQEN High Flow Cats

Up to 15 HP increase, dyno proven in UK without any mapping. Further increase can be achieved via UpRev or EcuTEK mapping.

24 months warranty on NA cars, no warranty for FI cars (we recommend test pipes for these).

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The cats are specially manufactured for TORQEN. The interior substrate is made from an ultra-thin metal foil. The foil itself is a made up of a combination of iron, chromium and aluminium. The substrate is more resilient than ceramic core substrates and so is ideal for high performance use. 200 cell cats cater for the latest version of OBD2 Standard, so in theory these should pass MOT providing they've been properly heated before the test.

The catalyst is comprised of corrugated stainless steel foil, interlaid with stainless foil sheets to prevent nesting. As the ceramic, the coating process if very strictly controlled to ensure that the precious metals within the wash coat are evenly distributed throughout the catalyst. This is to accomplish two very important objectives: provide maximum emission reduction and prevent any excess wash coat build-up that might clog the cells and reduce flow performance.

The metallic catalyst does not require a mat to cushion it within the stainless steel shell, as it is not brittle like ceramic. The outer layer of the metallic catalyst is actually slightly crushed when the catalytic converter is assembled, locking the metallic catalyst securely within the catalytic converter housing.

These will come with bolts, nuts and gaskets, ready to fit.

Dyno sheet to prove power increase included in the product photography.

By Martyn Corcoran on 17/09/2020
Text: I bought these to replace the decat pipes on my 350GT. Fitted perfectly. Great quality as expected. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to replace their OEM Cats
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