350z Ferrea Full Valve/Dual Spring KitView larger

350z Ferrea Full Valve/Dual Spring Kit

This valvetrain kit is designed for the person with a serious performance engine build in mind. It features 1mm oversized intake and exhaust valves for increased airflow characteristics. 

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This translates into more power as the engine can breathe easier when RPM and airflow demands increase. Exhaust valves are made from a high-nickel content superalloy to resist the extreme temperatures associated with a high performance turbocharged engine, and intake valves are constructed from stainless steel.

Dual-coil springs are used to increase spring load on the valve in order to prevent valve float at high RPM as well as provide a good leak-free seal for high-boost applications. Titanium retainers are significantly lighter than the steel OEM retainers which translate into less reciprocating mass and lowers the chance of valve-float. Spring seat locators are provided with the kit to enable proper installation of the dual-coil spring.

Kit includes:

* 12 Intake valves, stock size or 1 mm Oversize
* 12 exhaust valves, stock size or 1 mm Oversize
* 24 Dual coil valve springs (inner and outer springs)
* 24 Titanium valve spring retainers
* 24 Spring seat locators
* 48 Valve stem keepers

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