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350z DE Kinetix Racing Velocity Manifold Intake Plenum

We took the very popular SSV manifold and went over every aspect of its design to make the most impactful improvements. As our customers and the 350z marketplace continue to improve the power potential of their engines, the SSV needed a redesign to accomodate the the higher power output of these vehicles.

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Part # KX-DE-VIM

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Newly released Velocity Intake Manifold replaces our older SSV version with many improvements:

* Velocity plenum chamber design - Equal air flow between cylinders
* 12% more plenum chamber volume
* 10% short intake runners for more flow and higher HP potential
* Smoother A/F curve - less tuning required - more consistent power
* High RPM power !! 30.5hp gains at 6800 rpm
* Thicker gauge construction for higher boost - warranty up to 30psi

For 2003-2006 350z (single throttle body engine models)

The new Velocity Manifold is geared for higher flow and higher RPM power gains. This allows for even larger power gains in the many F/I vehicles out there.

The new Velocity Plenum design maximizes flow to the furthest cylinders by creating a "venturi" effect. By gradually narrowing the plenum chamber , the air speed must increase to satisfy the equation of continuity. Improved flow to all cylinders also means an improved smoother A/F curve that requires less tuning in F/I applications, and ZERO tuning in N/A vehicles.

This manifold is constructed entirely of Stainless Steel, then polished out for an absolute beautiful finished product that looks as great as it performs. We chose stainless because of its great thermal properties, conducting 10X!! less heat than aluminum and eliminating much of the manifold's mass, which greatly helps with heat soak. Stainless is considerably more expensive than aluminum, but the finish shines brighter and longer. The overall manifold SAVES 10lbs of weight over stock! Precision TIG welding throughout, and a CNC cut 3/8" main flange. All mandrel bent runners and charge tube, this manifold rivals the quality of other intakes twice its price.

We improved greatly upon the factory plenum designs. The factory lower plenum creates MANY dips and turns which do not promote good airflow and create turbulence inside your factory intake. We developed a straight shot design, eliminating the twists, turns, and obstructions. We then took each runner and also added velocity stack inlets to each individual runner for even better performance.

This Manifold is a DIRECT replacement and will work with any aftermarket intake. It also allows you the ability to use the factory strut bar, or any aftermarket strut bar. We also have available an engine cover specifically designed for our manifold.

We recommend an A/F tuning on Forced Induction vehicles (turbo and supercharged) after installation of the SSV in order to maximize power and overall engine reliability. Tuning is generally not needed in Naturally Aspirated ( NA ) applications.

Each manifold is supplied with all necessary hardware and instructions. There is an additional port supplied which can be used for boost gauges, etc.

Dyno on NA: Naturally Aspirated

By Carl on 17/05/2021
Text: Bought this and took a chance after reading different mixed opinions, fitted it to my 350z, and done a little test before and after, this intake manifold gained my 15 bhp, and around the same in torque, it did also take away alot of the flat spots, torqen have my rolling road graphs should you need to have a closer look, throttle response from this is very noticeable, id recommend, very interested to see what it will be like after the remap as my tests I did on the before and after were without a map
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