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350z DE Stillen Oil Cooler

STILLEN's specially designed Heavy Duty Oil Cooler Kit reduces oil temperatures between 30° - 40°-Fahrenheit by circulating hot oil though a high-efficiency external cooler. This means reducing oil temperatures from 225°F to 185°F.

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Part # 400635

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By cooling the engine's oil, the life and quality of the oil are improved while thousands of miles of life are added to high-wear engine components such as piston rings, piston skirts, cam bearings, and rod bearings. This Heavy Duty Oil Cooler Kit comes complete with all of the necessary adapters, fittings, and hoses that you will need for installation. This will require the drilling of mounting holes to install this kit. Instructions are included. THIS KIT WILL FIT THE 350Z, BOTH 6SPD AND AUTO.

***Due to interference issues, It cannot be mounted on a 350Z with a long and low intake such as Injen.***

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