350z Nismo 380RS Acceleration pedalView larger

350z Nismo 380RS Acceleration pedal

New Gas pedal from the special NISMO edition 350Z known as the NISMO 380RS. This Japan only model of the 350Z featured many model specific upgrades including additional interior enhancements to better suit the more performance oriented Z owners.

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Part # 18016-AB000

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This 380RS gas pedal is both shorter in length, as well as curved in ward to provide a much easier means of achieving "Heel - Toe" down shifts.

Installation of these pedals are simple and can be completed within minutes.

By Rob O on 13/02/2019
Text: Definitely worth purchasing !
It seems like a small difference but really does help with your H&T, meaning you don't have to twist your right foot as much.
5-10 mins to install, and much happier !
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