GReddy Pro Surge Tank Kit Toyota 2JZ-GTE

Designed specifically for custom applications with 2JZ engine transplants, the GReddy 2JZ Pro Surge Tank Kit offers the versatility to best match the throttle-body inlet angle and vacuum/air ports for your engine bay.

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Part # 13512303

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This Pro kit includes 4.0l tank capacity with a large 90mm throttle-body, and top feed fuel rail, and necessary weld-on flanges. For additional rigidity during high boost applications, it uses thick 3mm formed metal tank that is welded to a precision machined, grooved base, with six individual, internal velocity-stacks. Also pre-welded are the tuned primary runners and intake manifold flange with fuel injector ports. Another key feature is the unique, purpose-built fuel-resist, ring-type gaskets that seal the manifold to the head.

Kit Includes:

Surge Tank
Throttle Body
Throttle Flange
Fuel Delivery Tube & Mounts


Collector tank capacity 4.02 l (normal ratio 200%)
Surge tank, base plate and runners pre-welded
Welding required to attach throttle body flange, throttle cable mount and air port flanges
Tuned internal velocity stacks on each runner
Primary runner length 130?, OD 14.0mm ID 13.0mm
Specially designed and manufactured O-ring style gasket provide superior manifold to head sealing for each runner
Throttle-body hose diameter 100mm, internal butterfly diameter 90mm with low-profile throttle shaft
Fuel Delivery tube for 14mm top feed injector (compatible with Nissan R35 VR38DETT factory injectors)
Compatible with OEM factory Idler Control Valve and TPS Throttle Position Sensor

Other Part Numbers:

Greddy #gre13512303

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