Exhaust O2 Sensors 

  • £157.08 LINK-101-0116

    This sensor can be used with all wide band controllers and ECU’s that support LSU 4.9 sensors. This includes: Link G4+/G4X Fury and G4+Thunder ECU’s – These have on-board LSU4.9...

  • £289.68 LINK-125-1000

    Link’s CAN Lambda is an easy to use CAN module that provides digital wideband sensor control via CAN bus and is compatible with leading aftermarket ECUs. If using the CAN Lambda...

  • £16.32 LINK-101-0117

    Used to install LSU 4.9 Wideband O2 sensor. Includes weld on bung and plug.

  • £99.96 LINK-101-0146

    Extreme Duty Fast Response EGT Temperature Probe Type K thermocouple probeExposed sensing junction for fastest responseIncludes 316 SS adjustable compression fittingStainless...

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